[Survey] Survey on the Violations of Queer People’s Rights During COVID-19 – Please Share Your Story!

COVID-19 is impacting our daily lives. The unexpected changes from COVID-19 are contributing to various social problems in Korea.

The negative media coverage of the Itaewon case made voluntary testing difficult for queer people. The local government’s response to contain the virus resulted in the inappropriate disclosure of the private information and movements of the confirmed patients and their contacts. The infringement on personal privacy created barriers for the queer communities to take actions to ensure their health and safety.

Queer Action Against COVID-19 will collect stories of queer people in Korea who experienced human rights violations during COVID-19. We will create a report on the human rights violation of queer people after compiling the stories from the survey. This report will allow us to take proper measures against the quarantine authorities and the local government while raising awareness on the experiences of queer people in the media.

We hope that many of you will participate in the survey!


Timeline: 2020-05-22~2020-06-07

Survey Link: https://bit.ly/covid19queerreport (https://bit.ly/covid19queerreport)

Contact information: Queer Action Against COVID-19 – queer.action.against.covid19@gmail.com

Queer Action Against COVID-19