Weekly Briefing of Queer Action Against COVID-19 (as of 5. 23.)

Weekly Briefing of Queer Action Against COVID-19 (as of 5. 23.)


1  Organizational status of Queer Action Against COVID-19


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> currently consists of a total of 23 organizations.


GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation, Korean Lawyers for Public Interest and Human Rights (KLPH),’ DAWOOM: Together4Change (LGBTI Human Rights Organization of Youth Generation in S.Korea), Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism The Social Affairs and Labor Relations Commission, QUV; Solidarity of University and Youth Queer Societies in Korea, Lezpa, Queer In Pusan, Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing committee(SQCFORG), Parents and Families of LGBTAIQ Peple in Korea, SHARE center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive justicE, Collective for Sexual Minority Cultures PINKS, Unninetwork, Lesbian Human Rights Group ‘Byunnal’ of Ewha Womans University, Jeollabuk-do LGBT+ Community Open Door,  Sexual Minority Committee of the Justice Party, LGBTQ Youth Crisis Support Center DDing Dong, Korean Transgender Rights Organization JOGAKBO, Transgender Liberation Front, Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group ‘Chingusai’, Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center(KSCRC), Youth PLHIV Community of Korea ‘R’, Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea, Solidarity for HIV/AIDS Human Rights Nanuri+

(total 23 organizations as of May 23)


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> set up a control office. Now it inspects the relevant situations every day and conducts practical affairs.


2 Consultation and Response on Human Rights Violations


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> operates counseling counters for each organization. Each organization shares major counseling cases through the control office and links them to public institutions if necessary.


  • The number of consultations has declined in the third week of May. It seems that difficulties in the examination process or anxiety related to ‘outing’(situations of arbitrary exposure of one’s sexual orientation) have been resolved due to the expansion of anonymous tests. However, some problems are still coming up, such as, the personal information of the patients was leaked in hospitals, or some local governments are revealing gender, age, and name of workplace of a confirmed person excessively in the process of releasing to the public about the movement of the patients.


  • Therefore, <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is responding to the issue of excessive disclosure of personal information by sending official letters to each local government. Also, <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is planning to take legal action against cases where personal information is leaked.



3 Promotions for queer communities


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is distributing online banners to online queer communities to encourage self-directed testing, guidance on human rights violations, and advertisements containing information related to testing.


-Banner ads are being distributed to web pages and mobile applications that are mostly used by queers. Advertisements will be posted by the end of May.

-<Queer Action Against COVID-19> produced a card news that provides information such as counseling channels and anonymous inspection, and distributed it through social media managed by affiliated organizations of <Rainbow Action> and <Queer Action Against COVID-19>. The card news is also translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, and sign language.


  • The website of <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is opened (https://www.queer-action-against-covid19.org/). The website shares FAQs related to COVID-19 19, media monitoring, and statement of <Queer Action Against COVID-19>, and helps counseling through anonymous bulletin boards.




<image of a card news>


4 Media monitoring


  • Currently, foreign medias are mainly requesting interviews with the task force, and we are responding to them.


  • Media reports are continuing to promote prejudice and hatred against queers.

<Queer Action Against COVID-19> gathers these articles and regularly publishes media monitoring reports, while also delivers meaningful articles or messages for the queer community.



5 communication and respond with quarantine authorities


  • KCDC (the KoreaCenters for. Disease Control & Prevention)

– the date of meeting : May 19th

-<Queer Action Against COVID-19>  brought up the problem of personal information being violated during the process of the epidemiological investigation. The KCDC decided to send instructions to each local government to prevent unnecessary information in the in the process of sending disaster texts and releasing to the public about the movement of the patients.

-We also discussed measures for unregistered migrants that have become more difficult to diagnose and treat due to COVID-1919, and for recuperation measures for the people living with HIV/AIDS.

-During a regular briefing of the KCDC on May 21st, the request for personal information protection was made as follows:



[Seoul Metropolitan Government]
– Since the meeting on May 11th, we have continued to communicate and discuss ways to protect personal information and resolve human rights violations.

– <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is linking case that need to be responded to the human rights violation counseling hotline of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. So far, there were two cases processed regarding human rights violations in the examination process.


[Gyeonggi Provincial Government]

– Since the meeting on May 15th, we have continued to communicate and discuss ways to protect personal information and resolve human rights violations.
– The government announced on discussion with the <Queer Action Against COVID-19> at a briefing on May 20.



  • In addition, <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is collecting cases of disaster texts and released information of each local government. <Queer Action Against COVID-19> requires to the local governments that disclose excessive information to delete information by raising complaints to the quarantine authorities.


6 Monitoring the situation outside metropolitan area


  • In relation to the situation outside metropolitan area (Jeollabuk-do, Gyeongsangnam-do, Gwangju Metropolitan City, and Busan Metropolitan City), the situation is being monitored by civic and human rights organizations in each region. Currently, there was a problem of disclosing the name of workplace when sending disaster text messages in Jeollabuk-do, and there was a problem of queer student who were bullied after school in Gyeongsangnam-do. We are responding to this in conjunction with local organizations.



7 Future plans


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> has plans to proceed with direct action to protest against the media, which has consistently fostered aversion to the queers. (A separate press release will be distributed henceforth.)


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> will organize a ” COVID-19 and Hatred (working title)” debate to summarize the spread of hatred against the queers and migrants.


  • With the end of the two-week self-quarantine, human rights violations such as harassment and pressure to leave the company may occur upon returning to work. <Queer Action Against COVID-19> will conduct a survey to collect related cases and will respond in conjunction with the government and local governments in the event of actual damage.