Weekly Briefing of Queer Action Against COVID-19 (as of 6. 3.)

Weekly Briefing of Queer Action Against COVID-19 (24.05.2020.-03.06.2020)

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1. Organizational status of Queer Action Against COVID-19


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> currently consists of a total of 23 organizations.


GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation, Korean Lawyers for Public Interest and Human Rights (KLPH),’ DAWOOM: Together4Change (LGBTI Human Rights Organization of Youth Generation in S.Korea), Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism The Social Affairs and Labor Relations Commission, QUV; Solidarity of University and Youth Queer Societies in Korea, Lezpa, Queer In Pusan, Seoul Queer Culture Festival Organizing committee(SQCFORG), Parents and Families of LGBTAIQ Peple in Korea, SHARE center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive justicE, Collective for Sexual Minority Cultures PINKS, Unninetwork, Lesbian Human Rights Group ‘Byunnal’ of Ewha Womans University, Jeollabuk-do LGBT+ Community Open Door,  Sexual Minority Committee of the Justice Party, LGBTQ Youth Crisis Support Center DDing Dong, Korean Transgender Rights Organization JOGAKBO, Transgender Liberation Front, Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group ‘Chingusai’, Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center(KSCRC), Youth PLHIV Community of Korea ‘R’, Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea, Solidarity for HIV/AIDS Human Rights Nanuri+

(total 23 organizations as of May 23th)


  • Activities so far ;
    – May 12th : launching, press conference
    – May 16th : the 1st general meeting, weekly briefing (Korean/English)
    – May 23rd : the 2nd general meeting, weekly briefing (Korean/English)
    – May 29th : relay press conference for protesting against newspaper companies, that have consistently fostered aversion to the queers.
    – May 30th : the 3rd general meeting.
    – June 3rd : Weekly Briefing (Korean/English)
    – The situation room has been operating since May 11th responding to pending issues.


2. Consultation and Response on Human Rights Violations


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> operates counseling counters for each organization. Each organization shares major counseling cases through the control office and links them to public institutions if necessary.


  • Currently, the number of direct consultations is greatly reduced. Therefore, <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is conducting a survey on the difficulties related to self-quarantine, confirmed case, and contacted persons due to Corona 19. So far, more than 70 cases have been collected, and the main contents include cases that someone’s test was leaked to the workplace, cases of bullying at school or work on sexual orientation, and expressions of hatred by the media.


  • Legal action is in progress for other serious cases. <Queer Action Against COVID-19> accused a case that the personal information of the confirmed patient was leaked, and complaint case of violation of the privacy by media is in the process of filing a complaint to the Press Arbitration Commission.


3. Promotions for queer communities


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is distributing online banners to online queer communities to encourage self-directed testing, guidance on human rights violations, and advertisements containing information related to testing.


-<Queer Action Against COVID-19> have distributed banner ads through web pages , mobile applications and online communities that are mostly used by queers till the end of May. Among them, online communities are widely promoted to the community, with 14,000 views.


  • The <Queer Action Against COVID-19> website (https://www.queer-action-against-covid19.org/) is sharing FAQs related to COVID-19 19, media monitoring, and statement of <Queer Action Against COVID-19>, and helps counseling through anonymous bulletin boards.


4. Media monitoring


  • Currently, foreign medias are mainly requesting interviews with the task force, and we are responding to them.


  • A relay press conference to denounce Kookmin Ilbo, Money Today, and Newsis, who have continuously promoted hatred against sexual minorities and have made provocative reports on sexual minorities businesses was held on May 29th. After holding a relay press conference in front of each press company, the last press conference was held in front of the Press Arbitration Commission. Then the <Queer Action Against COVID-19> submitted a petition to request the above articles to be corrected.

* See https://www.queer-action-against-covid19.org/archives/350 for more information



5. Communication and respond with quarantine authorities


  • [Seoul Metropolitan Government]

– <Queer Action Against COVID-19> is linking case that need to be responded to the human rights violation counseling hotline of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. So far, there were two cases processed regarding human rights violations in the examination process.


  • The excessive personal information unrelated to quarantine has been revealing continuously in the public disclosure of the movement of confirmed patients distributed by local governments and in disaster text alert. In response, a statement was issued urging the quarantine authorities to come up with a minimum level of information and a way to protect human rights in accordance with the purpose of quarantine.


* May 26th, [monitoring on disclosure of the movement of confirmed patients] “Observe the best disclosure method to protect the minimum information and human rights that meet the purpose of quarantine.”



6. Monitoring the situation outside metropolitan area


  • When texting a disaster alert from Gimje, Jeollabuk-do province, the name of the confirmed patient was disclosed. In response, a statement of condemnation was issued by Jeollabuk-do LGBT+ Community Open Door.


7. Future plans


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> will collect and analyze more specific cases of human rights violations that occurred after testing, self-quarantine, treatment, and daily return. In cases where a response is required, we will continue our response activities to relieve damage and prevent a recurrence.


  • <Queer Action Against COVID-19> will organize a ” COVID-19 and Hatred (working title)” debate to summarize the spread of hatred against the queers and migrants.


  • The urgent situation in May has been somewhat resolved and a long-term response is required. Therefore, we will change the situation room from daily operation to once a week, and discuss detailed organization and direction of activities in the future through the evaluation of activities..